Wednesday, December 5, 2012


In my limited undertanding, the term "SaguNa Brahman" is not there in the Vedas. However, in the ancient texts like nyAya sUtra , nyAya BhAshya , nyAya tIka, vyAkaraNa kASika, vyAkaraNa SrrngAra PrakASa, vyAkaraNa vAkyapAdIyam, vyAkaraNa vArtikam and so on , the term "saguNa" appears in different context like saguNa dravyam etc.
In the Vedas there are statements which describe the Brahman as nirguNa, There are also Vedic statements which deal with the form and qualities of the Brahman. The interpretation of what is nirguNa itself is varied. There are Mantras which say that there is no difference between the Atman and Brahman. There are many Vedic hymns which assert that there is marked difference between the Atman and the Brahman. In Bhagavad GItA, BhagaVAn highlights the importance of unconditional love and surrender to Him. We have to understand all these and reconcile.
Those who are attracted by nirguNa , nirAkAra Brahman contemplate and reflect on it and attain liberation from bodily forms.
Those devotees who worship the Supreme go to His Adode and are ever associated with Him, singing His glory.
The option is yours and is in your hands.
Even all the Advaita AcAryas are meticulously engaged in the daily upAsanA of the Deities in various names and forms like SrI ChandramauIeeSvara, SrI SAradAmbA , SrI KAmakshI and so on.
We leave it at this and there is no need to have heated debates on core philosophies with divergent approaches.

जय जय श्रीराधे