Sunday, September 12, 2010


Whatever covered in authenticated PurANas and Itihasas are to be taken as history based on actual happenings.

The Supreme Purusha is behind the prakriti as the nimitta and upAdAna kAraNa. The Deity is very important for us.

There is a subtle meaning as well in each avatAra for our understanding and practice .

All the avatAras of Gods are meant for our reflection, contemplation and learning.

In SrIVaishnAva tradition, SrI viSvaksena is worshipped. He is the Supreme Commander.

yasya dvirata vaktrAdyA: pArishadyA: paraSSatam !
vighnam nighnanti satatam viSvaksenam tamASraye !!

As far as SrI GaneSa:

He is GaNapati -- Lord of Demi-Gods

He is VinAyaka --- Leader par excellence.

He is VignarAja--- Remover of all obstacles

His big ears for open-mindedness -- Quality to listen to others--Answers the prayers of Devotees
KarNabhyAm bhUri Visruvam
Bhadram karNebhi: SruNuyAma deva:

His sharp eyes for grace --- a mix of Sun and Moon.

His Trunk for flexibility --- power to handle the heaviest and the subtlest things

His big stomach -- power to assimilate and digest varied forms of knowledge

MoshikaVAhana --- He makes the best use of available resources

He is Modakapriya --- Lover and bestower of joy

He is the bestower of Siddhi as well as Buddhi.

-----------And so on --------

Om MahA GaNapataye Namah !

durgAm vinAyakam vyAsam viSvaksenam gurUn surAn !
sve sve sthane tvabhimukhAn pUjayet prokshanAdibhi: !!
---- SrImad bhAgavatam

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


SrIgovindapriyAm rAjñIm brundAvanamanoharIm !
krupAsvarUpiNIm divyAm RAdhA DevIm namAmyaham!!

I pray to the Goddess SrI RAdhA DevI, SrIKrishNa’s beloved Queen, the source of the beauty of BrindAvan, who is auspicious and is of the form of mercy.

SrI RAdhA is none other than SrI MahAlakshmi, who out of great compassion, facilitates the individual Self to get the divine grace of BhagavAn SrI KrishNa, the glorious Yogesvara. According to the Scriptures, the best way to approach SrI KrishNa is through obtaining the grace of SrI RAdhA. Let us not miss this opportunity today (15th September,2010) to offer our humble and sincere prayers. On this most auspicious Radhashtami day, may SrI RAdhAKrishNa shower blessings on all.
Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe !