Saturday, February 6, 2010


Talk on "Excellence through Karma Yoga" delivered by Dr S Kannan, Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services on 6th February, 2010 at Taj Connemara, Chennai in the 34th All India Conference on Internal Audit organised by The Institute of Internal Auditors India, Madras Chapter.
Highlights from the Talk
Karma Yoga Concepts

•Types of karma: nitya, naimittika, kAmya, nishiddha, prAyaScitta
•Drivers : Likes, dislikes (rAga, dvesha)
•Factors: karaNam, kAraNam, kartA. bhoktA, daivam
•Characteristics : Desirelessness, Proficiency, Faith
TyAga : Karma tyAga , Karma phala tyAga
•Karma, akarma, vikarma
•MAnasam, VAcikam, KAyikam

•3D’s : Delight, Devotion, Detachment
sañcita, prArabdha, AgAmi

Karma Yogi

•Satisfied in the Atman through the Atman
•Steady wisdom
•Without desires
•Without attachment , balanced in happiness and misery
•Free from subtle impressions
•At peace even though moving with the sense objects
•Works like a Master
•Work is of very best quality
•Impelled by utmost compassion, works for the good of the world

How Karma Yoga helps Professionals?

•Independence --- asangah - svAtantriyam
•Objectivity --- asangah - satyam
•Competency --- svadharma – kauSalam
•Ethical --- karma – not following vikarma
•Commitment --- abhirati
•Delight in one’s own duty -- sve sve karmaNi abhiratah
•Devotion to duty --- svakarmaNiratah
•Dedication as service to Supreme – svakarmaNA tamabhyarcya