Wednesday, September 21, 2016


श्रीगोविन्दप्रियां राज्ञीं वृन्दावनमनोहरीम्
कृपास्वरूपिणीं दिव्यां राधादेवीं नमाम्यहम् ||

The glory of  Radha’s divine name is so great that Krishna bestows prema bhakti instantly to one who starts saying the first syllable ‘RA’. Krishna goes into ecstatic raptures instantly and his joys fully bloom. When the devotee completes the second syllable ‘DhA’ instantly Krishna gets lovingly intoxicated, gets completely lost in trance and uns after him who chants the nectar-like name of Radha
'रा' शब्दोच्चारणादेव स्फितो भवति माधवः
'धा' शब्दोच्चारतः पश्चाद् धावत्येव सम्भ्रमः
--- ब्रह्मवैवर्त पुराण
Radha manifests especially in the form of hladini Sakti signifying  the exalted pleasure potency  of Krishna. Radha is the personification of transcendental rasa of the supreme
order who matchlessly enchants
Krishna by all means. Radha is the svarupa Sakti of Krishna and is the  greatest teacher of Krishna prema.  The matchless love of Radha is referred to as  ‘prema guru. The  exalted prema of Radha inspires Krishna as a student to perform novel dances.
Radha is  the holistic and complete Sakti and Krishna is the holistic and complete SaktimAn. Based on Vedic scriptural evidence, there is no difference between Radha and Krishna. They are verily the same just like musk and scent and fire and heat. For enjoying the mellows of  loving pastimes, though they have taken two apparently different forms, Radha and Krishna are indeed  one only.

 मङ्गलं कृष्णकामिन्यै मङ्गलं शुभ मङ्गलम् |
 मङ्गलं प्रेमदायिन्यै मङ्गलं शुभ मङ्गलम् ||
 मङ्गलं मनमोहिन्यै मङ्गलं शुभ मङ्गलम् |
 मङ्गलं मधुराधायै मङ्गलं नित्य मङ्गलम् ||

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