Tuesday, September 18, 2012


We have to keep in mind that SrAddhA is not the only topic to be discussed in any on-line Forum. There are about 1000 pages in VaidyanAtha dIkshiTIyam known as SrAddha KAnda ( PUrva bhAga and uttara bhAga) which deal exclusively with SrAddha niyamas. There are numerous constraints which make it impossible for any one to perform the SrAddha exactly in accordance with the same. This in fact is the problem of any karma that we perform starting from Acamana, sandhyA vandana, SrAddha, VaiSva deva, homa or Yajna. There are always mantra lopa, kriyA lopa, SraddhA lopa, dravya lopa and so on. These deficiencies in karma are rectified only through the nAma japa of RAma and KrshNa. That is why Bhakti yoga stands taller.
If some body believes by endlessly arguing that with his deficient performance of SrAddha he can reach the Supreme, he is mistaken.

Only through BhagavAn's grace, one can reach Him through Bhakti Yoga.

yAnti deva vratA devAn Pitrn yAnti Pitr vratAh !

bhUtAni yAnti bhUtejyA YAnti mad yAjino' pi mAm !!

---BG ix- 25

Worshippers of demi-gods go to those demi-gods

Worshippers of the manes go to those manes

Worshippers of bhUtas go to them

Worshippers of the Supreme go to Him

Athato brahma jignAsA !

-- Brahma sUtra 1-1-1

जय जय श्रीराधे