Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We are not asking any one to formulate new SAstras for modern times. In fact we have written a lot about this subject in the past so many years.

What we are trying to say is to provide clear-cut guidelines within the framework of dharma SAstras to those who are interested in following sanAtana dharma but are not in a position to comply with the same 100% due to their circumstances.We cannot brush them aside saying that either it is 100% or 0%. There are a lot of provisions ( not known in public domain) in the dharma SAstras which can be suggested to those people to be applied in varying circumstances. These genuine work arounds have to be endorsed by leading authorities of dharma SAstra so as to ensure authenticity . Different Brhaspatis (VAdyars) advise the grhasthAs differently on the same subject matter, some times against the norms. In order to rationalize these, a great deal of efforts are to be made.

Vipras who can on their own comply with all the provisions of dharma SAstras need no guidance.We have always been appreciating vipras who are taking extra pains to do karmAnushthAna in these difficult periods. "Dharma rakshati rakshita:" But openly proclaiming that I have done so much is not advisable. "Mantram yatnena gopayet." No doubt one is free to decide his own path.

NAma aparAdham and bhAgavata apacAram have to be avoided by all.

Please note that on 16th September 2012 Sri Sankara TV Channel live relay in the evening, PUjya SrI Jagadguru Srngeri Swamigal highlighted the importance of nAma smaraNa wherein he quoted the following Sloka especially in kali yuga

kalau kalmasha chittAnAm pApadravyopa jIvinAm
vidhikriyA vihInAnAm gatir govinda kIrtanam

He said repeatedly that nAma sankIrtanam is the only resort for those who are unable to fully follow what is ordained in the SAstras.

Incidentally, he also mentioned in detail about ValmIKi episode. ValmIKi was a hunter who could not say even "rAma" but by the sheer power of RAma nAma, he rose up as a Maharishi .

PUjya SrI Jagadguru Srngeri Swamigal also mentioned about the exalted stage attained by SrI TyAgarAja Swami through nAma sankIrtana.

I am also giving this pramANa from dharma SAstras:

na tAvat pApamedheta yannAmnA na hatam hare: !
atireka bhayAdahu: prAyascittAntaram vrthA !!

--- Yoga YAjnavalkya:

For many people, Bhakti yoga is difficult to understand and put into practice. Many do not know the intricacies and supremacy of this path as spelt out in the Bhakti SUtras, Srimad BhAgavatam and Bhagavad GItA.