Saturday, June 28, 2008

Whether one can achieve success always?

Success or failure is the outcome of action (Karma) done by a person in a given environment. While every one aspires to be successful in whatever he does, the reality is many times otherwise. In some cases, he achieves success and in many others, he encounters only failures. Thus even a so-called highly successful person fails in certain endeavors. This is due to the fact that the fruit of action is not in one’s hand . There is no one standard recipe for ensuring success at all times. While action always produces fruits, when and where one person gets to enjoy the same is shrouded in the mystery of “Karma Phala.”

When a person focuses on achieving success while performing the action, he gets tensed, disturbed and anxious. These are impediments in the pursuit of excellence in the path of “Karma Yoga.” In the ultimate analysis , while one cannot ensure success , he can always strive to achieve excellence in whatever he does. The result is to be accepted as “Isvara Prasada.” One has to maintain equanimity and be a Sthita Prajna.