Monday, June 9, 2008


Knowledge Management

Knowledge management plays a vital role in ensuring the success of any business organization. The knowledge workers hold the key in modern days for the success of any business enterprise. In view of their importance, they are being given a lot of recognition like participation in the top management and lucrative stock options besides excellent working environment and enriching job content.

It is a challenging task to understand the real sources of knowledge and convert the tacit knowledge residing in human repositories into explicit knowledge for the purpose of knowledge dissemination and sharing across all members of the organization.
Human resources are the treasures carrying the needed knowledge and skills for carrying out any venture. Hence fully harnessing the limitless human potentials is very significant. The tacit knowledge inherent in the human beings has to be converted into explicit knowledge tactfully to benefit the knowledge.

For any knowledge to take place the following three factors are important:
(a) Prameya representing the object to be known.
(b) Pramata denoting the knower of the object
(c) Pramana indicating the means of knowledge

Knowledge acquisition
The Vedas attach great importance to acquiring knowledge. The Vedas reiterate that only knowledge liberates a person. Whatever is done with proper knowledge becomes more effective. Only when there is definiteness, knowledge is possible.
Vedic Quotes
One who knows that which is the eldest and the best verily becomes the eldest and the best.
One who knows that which is supreme surely becomes supreme.
One who knows that which steadies, surely remains steady in the rough and the smooth.
One who knows that which has prosperity attains the object he desires.
One who knows that which is the ayatanam (resort) becomes the resort for all.
One who knows and meditates becomes progressively higher and better.
Whatever is performed with knowledge, faith and meditation becomes more effective.
By knowledge men ascend as Seers.
One shall walk on the pathway having known it.
Knowledgeable persons correct the faults and failures.

Knowledge propagation
The Vedas emphasize the need for knowledge propagation.
Vedic Quotes
One may impart knowledge to others though unsolicited.
One who performs the sacrifice knowingly overcomes misfortune and evil and wins prosperity.
Through intellect, one gets true delight.

Vidya (Education)
The Vedas extol the greatness of Vidya. It truly liberates one.
Vedic Quotes
It is the inspirer of gracious thoughts.
It lightens every pure thought.
It brings all good.
One who knows and meditates becomes progressively higher and better.1
By Vidya one attains endless life

Avidya (Ignorance)
The Vedas caution that one who follows the avidya shall traverse and suffer in darkness. A person without requisite knowledge shall not be appointed to a position, which demands possession of knowledge.
Vedic Quotes
Men who engulfed by nescience (avidya) go to blinding darkness.
One shall not appoint a priest who does not know.

Vijñanam (Wisdom)
The Vedas attach paramount significance to wisdom, as it is the foundation for clear and unambiguous understanding of the reality.
Vedic Quotes
Wisdom is the light which is to be won.
One shall obtain wisdom, thought, fervor and power.