Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Prof.C. K. Prahalad's N=1 and R=G and Vedic Philosophy

The New Age of Innovation
Prof.C. K. Prahalad and Prof. M.S. Krishnan's modern management concept N=1 means dvaita (duality) in terms of Vedic Philosophy.
This implies that each person is unique and distinct. Just by fulfilling the requirements and expectations of one person, you are not sure that you would be in a position to do so in respect of others. Thus mass production of products or rendering of services to cater to all customers has now lost its significance. Instead, the focus is on fulfilling the expectation of each individual customer. As this normally varies from one person to another, there is no absolute non-duality. Therefore, the philosophical principle of duality is inherent in this approach.The potentials for satisfying the requirements and expectations of each and every person representing resources(G) are Visvam (Universal).