Saturday, June 21, 2008


Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science is a multi-disciplinary domain with main focus on mind and intelligence. It deals with sensation, perception, learning, memory, language, imagery, cognition, nuero-anatomy and so on. It covers the functioning of the brain, mind, culture and neuropsychological basis of alternate states of consciousness.

Concept of knowledge in Vedas

An analysis of the Vedas reveal that the concept of knowledge is well embedded therein from time immemorial. They are a veritable mine containing knowledge repositories which transcend the barriers of time and space. They deal with the knowledge framework from a holistic perspective with universal application.
Vedas and cognitive Science
The Vedas present different dimensions of knowledge encompassing Jnana, Vijnana, Samjnana and Prajnana. As Vedas cover extensively the various dimensions of mind, knowledge and intellect, they would be of immense help and guidance for proper research in the domain of Cognitive Science.