Thursday, April 24, 2014


I think over a long period of various Yugas, the earth has taken different shapes with the disappearance of various sacred rivers like sarasvatI and accordingly the initial strict restrictions in the Vedic scriptures regarding the frontiers of AryAvartam have also changed . There are different names used in the dharma SAstras for the dharma DeSa like AryAvarta, BrahmAvarta, BrahmasideSa, Madhya deSa and so on. In my humble view, for the current Kali Yuga, the following yardsticks can be taken for determining the dharma DeSa which is also known as AryA varta.
1. Yasmin deSe mrgah krshNas tasmin dharmAnnibodhata !
 ( YAjnavalkya)
Wherever Deer is there, that place is  suitable for performance of karma.
2. svabhAvAt yatra vicaret krshNa SArah sadA mrugah !  
dharma deSah sa vijneyo dvijAnAm karma SAdhanam !!

Where the Deer lives naturally, that place is good for performance of Yajna. That place is dharma deSa for performance of karma by Dvijas.

 3. CaturvarNya vyavasthAnam yasmin deSe na vidyate !
tam Mlechha deSam jAnIyAt AryAvartAdanantaram !!
( VyAsa)
Where the four-fold VarNA order is not there, that place is Mleccha DeSam   and the superior AryAvartam  is suitable for the purpose of KarmAnushthAna.