Friday, August 13, 2010


The subject of Karma is very vast , complex and it has multiple dimensions.
"gahanA karmaNo gatih."

I am presenting certain thoughts on the same:

(1)In the case of a realized person, whatever karma he does after realization gets distributed to those who praise and follow him and also to those who find fault with him. The former gets his puNya phala and the latter the PApa , if any. He experiences the prArabdha karma while his Sancita karma gets neutralized.

(2)Like a young calf which recognizes the mother cow amidst thousand other cows, the karma done by a person follows him meticulously.

(3) Like the tree which yields flowers and fruits at the appointed seasons, the fruit of action also manifests at the proper time.

(4) When there is great natural calamity like famine etc, all the people including great Rishis by-pass the dharma and adopt what is known as the Apad dharma.

(5) If a person cuts trees with an axe, then the person who cuts incurs the sin and not the Axe nor the maker of the Axe.

(6) For one's action Supreme is not responsible.

(7) There is the Supreme who by his Laws dispenses the Karma Phalam.

(8) Good and bad deeds rotate like a wheel.

(9) Karma done without the sense of doership and offered at the feet of the Supreme does not bind one.

(10) The Supreme intervenes in the case of a very select few (who deserve) and neutralises their karma due to his divine grace.

(11) Whether destiny is responsible?

(12) Whether it happens by chance?

(13) Whether KAla is responsible?

(14) The ultimate solution is to follow the Scriptures and do PrAyascitta to mitigate the grave sins.

prAyascittAnyaSeshANi tapah karmAtmakAni vai !
yAni teshamaSeshANAm KrishNAnussmaraNam param !!