Sunday, August 22, 2010


Predictive aspect of jyotisha is nothing but predicting the karmaphala in various points of time. The karmas done by a person in the previous births yield fruits in the form of sukha or dukha.

Based on SAstras, the interpretation of the karma phala cannot be done casually or through computer programs. Thus a well-versed person who knows karma siddhAnta, nyAya siddhAnta, vedAnta siddhAnta, dharma SAstra, Ayurveda and so on, who is good at inference and deduction and who is having Mantra Siddhi alone can be a reliable and authentic astrologer.

Aneka horA tattvajnah Panca-siddhAnta kovidah !
Uhapoha patuh Siddhah Mantro jAnAti jAtakam !!
Astrology is like a lamp which can only reveal the objects as they are in the dark. Beyond that it is only by karmaphala that one's life and circumstances are determined.

Yaduparjitam anya janmani subhAsubham tasya karmaNah patim !
Vynjayati SAstrametat Tamasi dravyaNi dIpa iva !!
The predominant objective of VedAnga jyotisham is about determining the kAla for performance of yajnas. This has got lesser to do with individual horoscope based interpretations. The ancient Smritis also do not highlight horoscope based matching for the purpose of marriage.

jyotishAm ayanam puNyam pravakshAmyanu pUrvaSah !

sammatam brAhmaNendrANAm YajnakAlArtha siddhaye !!