Monday, June 14, 2010


In matters regarding learning and teaching of Vedas , we have to go based on what is stated in the Vedic Scriptures and concluded by our AcAryas.

One should not confuse what is stated in the SAstras with our limited materialistic knowledge. It is safer and better to align with the UpadeSa of the renowned AcAryas in this regard.

Vedas are no doubt meant for Universal peace, Universal development and Universal welfare. But the Vedic yajnas have to be performed by those who are qualified by the SAstras to perform. While Vedic knowledge can be freely disseminated for the benefit of all, teaching and learning the Vedic Mantras have to be based on tradition only.

Vipras have protected the Vedas from time immemorial by making personal sacrifice and by leading a simple and austere life devoted to propagation of Vedas (sVadhyAya pravacanam). We have to offer our gratitude to them who have selflessly carried it so far despite numerous hurdles. In the name of modernity, let us not fiddle with it.

When we daily recite the SAnti Patha as below, we pray for the well-being of not only human beings but also animals and plants. Therefore Vedic Prayers have an Universal outlook.

Urdhvam jigAtu bheshajam !
Sam no astu dvipade !
Sam catushpade !

Om SAnti: SAnti: SAnti: !

The following Mantra also recited while offering oblations to our forefathers show how caring are the Vedas about environmental order.

Madhu vAtA rutAyate(Let the air be pleasant)
Madhu ksharanti sindhavah(Let the rivers be pleasant)
MAdhvIrnas santvoshadhIh(Let the plants and creepers be pleasant)
Madhu naktamutoshasi(Let the day and night be pleasant)
Madhumat pArthivam rajah(Let the dust of the earth be pleasant)
Madhu dyaurastu nah pitA(Let our father-like Sky be pleasant)
Madhu mAnno vanaspatih(Let the herbs be pleasant)
MadhumAm astu sUryah(Let the Sun be pleasant)
MAdhvIr gAvo bhavantu nah(Let the cows be pleasant to us)
--- mahAnArAyaNa upanishad xxxix-3

Let all the dvijas take the initiative in learning and propagating the Vedic knowledge for the benefit of all Beings within the framework of SAstras.

Else the prediction in SrImad BhAgavatam that "VedAh PAshaNda dUshitAh" would
become a reality very soon.

Let us pray more Vipras do whatever they can for protecting and nourishing the Vedas and the Srotriyas.

Yadyat Acarati Sreshthah tadtadevetaro janah !
sa yat pramANam kurute lokas tadanuvartate !! ( Bh. G . iii- 21)