Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Vipra means BrAhmaNa .
A person is born as a BrAhmaNa.

As the first born among the mortals, he is known as agrajanmA.
After Upanayana. he becomes a dvija.
As one learned in Vedas, he is known as a Srotriya.
As a deity upon earth, he is known as BhUdeva.
As one who has emanated from the mukha of the Supreme, he is known as Mukhaja.
A BrAhmaNa who is only by birth and not by performance of duties is known as BrAhmaNabruva .

1. It is difficult to convince all as each one thinks that he/ she knows everything about dharma SAstras and their subtle interpretations.
2. The VarNa is determined only by birth according to the conclusive view of all traditional AcAryas including Adi SankarAcArya.
3. Regarding matters related to varNa and ASrama, we have to go by what is stated in established and accepted Smritis. We should not use our limited materialistic knowledge and try to justify with our own interpretations.

4. While a BrAhmaNa has to follow the varNASrama dharma to the extent possible, he has to necessarily treat those belonging to other VarNas with equal respect and dignity.

5. Now it has become a fashion among the vipras to say that brAhmaNas are not determined by birth. This brAhmaNa-bashing by members of the same community is unwarranted.

6. Instead of joining hands to bring the best out of the BrAhmaNa community as a whole for Universal welfare, it is sad that the community is denounced by its own members .