Friday, June 18, 2010


It is true that money is very important for day to day existence. The modern living has complicated this further.

In SrImad Bhagavad GItA , SrI KrishNa talks about selflessness, samatva bhAva and dexterity in action along with non-attachment. These essential ingredients of karma yoga when practised with deep faith and devotion would lead to human emancipation. By non-attachment to the fruits of action, one concentrates on the present and does the work in an excellent manner. He is also not affected by success or failure and is in a position to keep his poise and lead a life which is stress-free, wholesome and useful to others. He has a sense of non-doership and therefore karmas do not bind him.

Though a person may not have adequate monetary resources, the Supreme would show the path for fulfilling his basic necessities. This is true of all Beings where even before birth the mother’s milk is kept ready. A person is born to work out his prArabdha karma. He has some sort of conditional free-will just like a cow which is tethered to a peg. Within that circumference he can make self-efforts and progress both monetarily and spiritually.

To reach the Supreme, the mind is most important and not money. Whatever a person offers with devotion, be it a leaf, flower, fruit or water, the Supreme is immensely pleased. We hear the story of kucela , the childhood friend of SrI KrishNa who has to suffer for many years before which he could get His divine grace. The touching story of sage ThyagarAja who sung “ Nidhi sAla sugamA” is a pointer.

That is why in our daily prayers we say “sarve bhavantu sukhinah” (Let all be happy) and so on. The Vedic prayers cover not only the welfare of human beings but also that of plants and animals. Prayers are offered for pleasant environment taking into consideration the well-being of all.

The truth is that each one experiences the fruit of his action in his own way. A deeper insight into karma yoga alone can redeem humanity from its complex problems.

Even though a person strives hard for his daily bread, if he unconditionally submits to the Supreme and offers all his service as dedication unto the Lord, he is sure to attain the path of immortality.