Sunday, July 14, 2013


स॒मा॒नी व॒ आकू॑तिः समा॒ना हृद॑यानि वः|
स॒मा॒नम॑स्तु वो॒ मनो॒ यथा॑ वः॒ सुस॒हास॑ति||

Rg Veda x- 191-4

The aforesaid Mantra is the last Mantra of Rg Veda samhitA.

The context is regarding a common and harmonious resolution, heart and thought among the Ritvigs (Priests who conduct the sacrifice) while performance of the Yajna.

This talks about seamless integration among intellect, mind and heart for bringing out unity and harmony.

There is always a dichotomy between the head and the heart. The head goes for a particular path. The heart says it may bring problems to others and let us not take undue advantage. Let us be fair and equitable to all.

This means that perfect harmony among the stakeholders leads to managerial excellence.

Excellence is achieved by harmonious resolution (intention), harmonious heart (wishes) and harmonious thought. This is important for achieving Unity and peaceful co-existence in a collaborative manner. This principle of holistic Vedic harmony can be applied at an organizational level or societal level or national level or Universal level.