Tuesday, January 8, 2013


In the Vedic culture, the bride and groom are considered as loving friends as they perform the saptapadi ritual wherein the groom holds the right leg of the bride and together they take seven steps to the north of the homa kuNda on the wedding day.
BhagavAn Sri LakshmI NarAyaNa is propitiated through the Vedic hymns by the Groom for attainment of the following by the bride:
(1) Anna samruddhi (Plentiful food) by the first step
(2) Vrddhi ( multiple development) by the second step
(3) Sat karma siddhi ( Good deeds) by the third step
(4) Sukham (Pleasure) by the fourth step
(5) paSu samruddhi (Cattle wealth) by the fifth step
(6) Kshema (welfare) in all the six Rtus (seasons)by the sixth step
(7) Performance of Yajnas (sacrifice) like soma yAga by the seventh step
Having walked together seven steps, the groom and bride have become loving friends.
The Vedic hymns are intended to seek life-long loving and sweet companionship between the bride and groom without any separation at any point of time. Thus mutual love and affection based friendship is established between the couple.
Ekamisha VishNus tvAnvetu
Dve Urje VishNus tvAnvetu
trINI vratAya VishNus tvAnvetu
catVAri mayobhavaya VishNus tvAnvetu
panca paSubhya: VishNus tvAnvetu
shat Rtubhyah VishNus tvAnvetu
sapta saptabhyo hotrAbhyo VishNus tvAnvetu
sakhA sapta padA bhava
sakhAyau saptapadA babhUva
sakhyante gameyam
sakhyAtte mayosham
sakhyAnme mAyoshthA:
--- EkAgni kAnda i-3-7 to14
By proper performance of the sacred vivAha ritual  using Vedic Mantras with utmost faith and devotion , all the graha doshas   (planetary deficiencies) get fully neutralised and the couple enjoy a long life with mutual love, prosperity, peace and sound health.
जय जय श्रीराधे