Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The Kumbh Mela at PrayAg this Year has been a grand spectacular spiritual and cultural event   demonstrating the multi-faceted dynamism of sanAtana dharma.
I was  fortunate to be present in PrayAg and take a holy dip in TriveNI Sangamam along with my family. The sacred banks of  GangA / YamunA got further sanctified with the sacred dust from the holy feet of a multitude of mystic SAdhus . The  wide spectrum of  sanAtana  dharma is picturized vividly there. The fragrant aroma of SraddhA is manifested all through.
The Government of  Uttar Pradesh has done a very commendable job in maintaining the cleanliness, orderlines and sacredness of  PrayAg Kumbh Mela. Our deep sense of   gratitude is due to them.
Om namah parama Rishibhyo namah parama Rishibhyah !
जय जय श्रीराधे