Saturday, November 5, 2011


SrI YAjnavalkya Jayanti will be celebrated on KArtika MAsa , Sukla Paksha DvAdaSI which falls on Monday the 7th November 2011. This day is also known as YogISvara dvAdaSI. It is very important for all those who believe in Vedic tradition to remember with gratitude this great Rishi par excellence . With the direct blessings of SUrya Deva, he propagated SuKla Yajur Veda which contains the ISAvAsyopanishad. He along with his two dharma Patnis MaitreyI and KatyAyanI are referred to in BrihadAraNyaka Upanishad. His debate with GArgI, the daughter of VAcaknu stimulates the intellect. The philosophical expositions of SrI YAjnavalkya in the Assembly of Emperor Janaka are deep- rooted in spiritual knowledge which transcend time and place.

Om namah parama Rishibhyo nama: parama Rishibhya:!