Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whether Idol Worship is proper?

The Supreme Brahman manifests the entire Universe and is all-pervading. There cannot be a space that excludes Him. Idol worship means symbolic worship of the Supreme in a manifested form.

Some modern intellectuals think that worshipping the idol is beneath their dignity and is meant only for the less intelligent. This thought is due to delusion.

Ekam Sat, Vipra Bahudha Vadanti.
Truth is one: The learned say in manifold ways.

According to Vedic Scriptures, the Supreme Bhagavan can be worshipped in five-fold forms.
Para as Sriman Narayana in Vaikunta
as Vasudeva, Sankarshana, Pradymuna and Aniruddha in the Milk Ocean
Vibhava as Rama, Krishna Avataras
Antaryami as the One who is inherent deep in the heart
Arca as one who is in the form of deities in the Temples, duly consecrated.

The following Vedic Statements of Maha Narayana Upanishad support the above:
Ambhasya Pare

Bhuvanasya Madhye

Nakasya Prushte

Jyothemshi Samanupravishtah

Prajapatiscarati Garbhe Anthah

This principle can be explained by an analogy. A person who is very thirsty has to get water quickly to quench his thirst. Suppose, you ask him to either wait for the clouds to be converted into Rains or guide him to go to the distant Ocean or advise him to wait for the future Seasonal flood to come or direct him to dig deep into the Ground to get the water, it may not serve the purpose. But if you ask him to take the water from the near-by pond where the pure water is readily available, his thirst can be readily quenched. The Idol Worship is like taking sweet water easily from the Pond. This denotes the easy accessibility of the Supreme in this form.

Para = Cloud
Vyuha = Ocean
Vibhava = Seasonal Flood
Antaryami = Ground Water
Arca = Water in the Pond

Bhagavan looks at the Bhakti Bhava and he cannot be reached solely through our limited knowledge.

Each one who propagates the cause of the Sanatana Dharma in the spirit of Unity in diversity is to be highly appreciated.

I would request that the variants in the belief systems in the ocean of Sanatana Dharma should not create any difference or disrespect or ill feeling to others. We may disagree politely but without hurting the sentiments of our own brothers.

Jihva Me Madhumattama. (Let my speech be like honey}