Monday, November 10, 2008

Intelligence and Intellect

Vijnanam Brahmetivyajanat -- Taittiriya Upanishad iii-5
Intellect is Brahman
We need to distinguish between " Intelligence" and "Intellect".
Intelligence is mainly about acquiring knowledge from external objects and sources like teachers, educational institutions, Books, Media, Internet and so on. Thanks to the information explosion due to the technological advancements, each one wants to out beat the other, One has the power of information but it does not augment his intellect. He gets swayed by the powerful senses and the playful mind.

Intellect is all about contemplation, reasoning, concentration,reflection, investigation and inquiry about the Self which is eternal. It is purely internal and is concerned with the transcendental reality.

Our education is focussed only on developing the intelligence per se but is grossly inadequate on the development of intellect. Many do not have the time or inclination to look within as in the story of "Dasamosmi" forgetting the Self.

In the mundane materialistic pursuits greater Importance is given to the Outer cover of Sarira and not to the Atman who is the inner dweller. The former is temporary while the latter is permanent. As regards knowledge of the Self, it is more difficult and subtle as there is no distinction of Subject and Object in the path of Self realization.