Monday, July 7, 2008


Vedic Mantra Pushpam - Taittiriya Aranyaka of Krishna Yajur Veda

Yopam Pushpam Veda!
Pushpavan Prajavan Pasuman Bhavati!
Chandrama Va Apam Pushpam!
Pushpavan Prajavan Pasuman Bhavati!
Ya Evam Veda!
Yopamayatanam Veda!
Ayatanavan Bhavati!

One who knows the flower of waters, becomes the possessor of flowers, progeny and cattle.
Moon is the flower of waters. One who knows thus becomes the possessor of flowers, progeny and cattle. One who knows the foundation of waters becomes firmly established.
Latest Scientific Discovery
"A new scan has shown the presence of water in Moon rock at levels not previously thought possible."
"We looked at many factors over a wide range of cooling rates that would affect all the volatiles simultaneously and came up with the right mix," said James Van Orman, a former Carnegie researcher now at Case Western Reserve University.
"It suggests the intriguing possibility that the Moon's interior might have had as much water as the Earth's upper mantle."