Friday, July 25, 2008

Vedic Value System and Ethical practices

Vedic Value System

The Vedas urge the business organizations to be the harbingers of the Value system through transparent ethical practices in the best interests of the society at large. The Vedas stress upon moral and ethical conduct and appeal to every one to be guiltless and blemishless. They give the clarion call for value-centric business practices. The individual value system of the various employees together shape up and determine the value system of an organization to which they identify themselves with.
Vedic quotes on Value system management

One shall be sinless and righteous.
One shall be straight forward.
One should give back what he has borrowed or consumed so as to be guiltless.
One should be guiltless in this world as well as in the higher and the third world. One should abide in guiltlessness.
One shall not wander from the highest of the path.
One should go by the path of virtue.
One’s life should be in conformity with Vedic teachings.
One should not covet the wealth of any man.
One shall be led by the good path.
A moral wins no riches by unworthy praise.
One shall turn away from all evil.