Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whether a Manager can be called as a Karma Yogi?

A true Manager is indeed a Karma Yogi. The moot point here is that as a Karma Yogi, a Manager though fully engrossed in action should have a sense of detachment over the result of his action. While he sincerely follows the pursuit of excellence in action, he is not unduly worried about the success or failure of his mission. He is confident that he has played his part well.

As a Manager he has done his best in a fulfilling manner without any stress and he accepts with a smile the fruit of his action gracefully. Only such a Manager can be termed as a Karma Yogi in terms of the real meaning of Bhagavad Gita. He knows for sure that he has full right to perform action diligently in an inspiring manner and has no control over the final outcome. He considers the result as the blessing of the Lord (isvara prasada).

A Manager who always egoistically thinks about success of whatever he does cannot be called a Karma Yogi.