Thursday, May 15, 2008

What is Vedic Management?

The Vedas cover the four-fold values of great relevance to human beings in terms of physiological, material, intellectual and spiritual values. They deal with physiological values for maintaining bodily health, strength and vigor. They discuss material values through ways and means of attaining riches , wealth and enjoyments. The Vedas focus on intellectual values like unambiguous knowledge, skills and efficiency. They highlight spiritual values in the form of truthfulness, righteousness and Self-realization. This inspires the individual to realize the existence of subtle aspects in a conscious manner rather than looking at only the gross aspects of existence.

Vedic management has a holistic approach which is wholesome and comprehensive. It encompasses the entire gamut of human endeavors at the bodily, mental, intellectual, societal, environmental and spiritual planes. Its contours are wider with deep insights into all aspects of human thoughts, aspirations, efforts, activities and interactions. It is multi-faceted with a multi dimensional perspective catering to the needs of one and all in the human society.

Vedic Management from a holistic perspective can be viewed as a hierarchy starting from the individual standpoint represented by self management and proceeding forwards stage by stage. At the immediate next level, the relationship management comes to the fore and after perfecting this, cosmic management is to be properly understood. At the ultimate stage, spiritual management is the peak to be scaled. A wholesome manager is one who manages all the aforesaid four dimensions efficiently Then only the pursuit of excellence becomes total and fulfilled.