Monday, March 30, 2015


The dharma SAstras prescribe age as the only criterion for performing Upanayanam. They have not mandated Gurubalam etc for performance of Upanayanam. There is  authority for performance of Upanayana even at the early age of five. We have to always keep in mind that in respect of any karma, dharma SAstras provide for multiple options and thus allowing from the age of five to sixteen for performance of Upanayanam with different associated benefits.
According to Manu, a BrAhmaNa who is desirous of brahmavarcas can perform Upanayanam at the age of five.
brahmavarcasa kAmasya kAryam viprasya pancame !
--- Manu
According to Angiras, a BrAhmaNa who is desirous of brahmaVarcas can perform Upanayanam at the age of five.
brahmavarcasa kAmasya pancame abde agrajanmanah !!
--- Angiras
Now the issue is that if some body strongly believes that Gurubalam is a must for this purpose, then it becomes a mental block for performance of Upanayanam within the age prescribed by SAstras. We need to understand that by Upanayanam one is drawn towards the Guru for study of Vedas. Hence Guru kataksham will be there for any one who undergoes Upanayanam.
But in the family if there is serious difference of opinion among the elders on this point, one can get it resolved by approaching one's own family Guru and act accordingly. If in the process the decision gets delayed, only the boy is deprived of the benefit of early study of Vedas.
The specific date for Upanayanam has to be fixed for the boy concerned based on PancAnga. One should not go by a common muhurta date as far as possible.
जय जय श्रीराधे