Thursday, January 8, 2015


Q: I believe God has no second and hence the world, senses and thoughts and whatever is a part of the Brahmam - it may be an over simplification, but I wish to be corrected if wrong.
A: All this is verily the Supreme.
Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma  - ChAndogyopanishad
ISavAsyamidam sarvam --  IsAvAsyopanishad
Q: Does it mean even the vasanas are attached to the part of Brahmam?

A: VAsanas are not all  attached to Brahman.  It is attached only to JIvAtmAs.

Q: The question I understand is not answered so far - as to how the vasanas came about in the first place. Was there a chance to use free will the first time and it was used against dharma at the first instance?

A: Yes. When the Jivas accumulate karmas through sakAma karma , VAsanas start to accumulate in terms of Karma Phala.
Q:Have you tried to reconcile Darwin's theories and the big bang theory etc with the non-duality concept derived from Vedas? Where does vasana fit in here. Can there be a large repository of the deeds done by the portion of the Brahmam over a mind boggling length of time. As the concept of self and mind and feelings are not in the realm of Darwin or the recent origin of universe theories, I expect reconciliation would not be easy.

A: Darwin's Theory is not correct as per Vedic Scriptures. All the Beings have been independently  created by the Brahman  Each Being brings with it its own baggage od VAsanas based on the Karmas.
Vedic Scriptures give vivid  details of creation of the Universe.
Q:It is told that world is a manifestation of the Brahman, animate and inanimate. Thought, feelings and intellect are transitory and hence are only a short reflection of Brahman in various forms for the time being. Apparently the vasanas influence these. Is this right understanding?

A: Thought, feelings and intellect are to be used to  realize the Brahman. No doubt  VAsanas impact these until divine grace is obtained and one pursues the path of nishkAma karma.
Q:I am told that no intellect can understand such matters of Brahmam and only belief and dhyana can make one realise Brahmam. Scientific inquiries and reasoning does not help. Does it mean Jnana is different from such reasoning.
A: According to Advaita, Self realization is only through knowledge. JnAnAt eva tu kaivalyam.
But It is ViSvAsa (utmost faith) which takes you forward in the pursuit of the Supreme. The recommended and safer path for  Kali Yuga is Bhakti Yoga through devotional nAma japa  of RAdhAKrishNa.

Q: I really do not know if I deserve to get answers, as I do not consider myself as a seeker with total dedication. All the same I thought I should start.

A: VedAnta is  your birth right. A truthful person like you  is verily  a true seeker.