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In each avatAra, BhagavAn shows his deepest compassion to all irrespective of their affiliations. In RAmAyaNa, he blessed vAnara (sugrIva) , Pakshi (JatAyu) , hunter (Guha), rAkshasa (vibhIshaNa) and so on. He is freely accessible to one and all irrespective of caste, creed or colour.

The following important Slokas are pramANas that BhagavAn is there to take care of those who surrender to him unconditionally.

BhagavAn SrI LakshmI VarAha has assured as follows, which is known as varAha carama Sloka :
sthite manasi susvasthe SarIre sati yO nara: !
dhAtusAmye sthite smartA viSvarUpam ca mAmajam !!
tatastam mriyamANam tu kAshtha pAshANa sannibham !
aham smarAmi madbhaktam nayAmi paramAm gatim !!

Whomsoever worships BhagavAn SrI LakshmI varAha when he is healthy, is fondly remembered by BhagavAn Himself during his last moment of departure from this world and is escorted by His divine grace to SrI Vaikuntha , His Supreme abode.

SrI RAma's assurance is known as SrI RAma carama sloka, which is as follows:
sakrudeva prapannAya tavAsmIti ca yAcate !
abhayam sarva bhUtebhyo dadAmyetad vratam mama !!
--- RAmAyaNa

One who seeks refuge in SrI RAma by stating just once that he belongs to SrI RAma is given assurance of total safety against all types of beings . This is the vow of SrI RAma.

Sarva dharmAn parityajya mAmekam SaraNam vraja !
Aham tvA sarva pApebhyo mokshayishyAmi Ma Sucah !!

--- Bhagavad GIta

BhagavAn KrshNa assures that He would deliver one from all sins if one unconditionally surrenders to Him. Hence there is no sin which the Supreme cannot nullify.

We have to keep in mind that VarNASrama dharma is meant for those for whom they have been prescribed by the Dharma SAstras. Those people alone have to perform them as Karma Yoga and at the ripened exalted stage it is only Bhakti towards KrshNa that permeates and there is no other karma to be done by them.

There are people in this world who are not covered by VarNASrama dharma like foreigners belonging to other faiths by birth. For them, there is no need to follow VarNASrama dharma as they are outside the ambit of sanAtana dharma. Whomsoever desires on his own free volition after reflection and contemplation to follow KrshNa, he is most welcome to do so. However, sanAtana dharma does not prescribe any mode of  change from one VarNa to another or outside VarNa to any VarNa. In case one gets attracted to KrshNa due to his vAsanas, he has to be treated with great respect as BhAgavata. But there is no need to mix up this with VarNASrama dharma, which is not applicable to them. They are entitled to study the purANas as applicable in the case of non-dvijas..

 strI SUdra dvijabandhUnAm
trayI na Sruti gocarA
karma Sreyasi mUdhAnAm
SreyA evam bhaved iha
Iti bhAratam AkhyAnam
krupayA muninA krutam !!
-- SrImad BhAgavatam
However, wearing of YajnopavItam , recitation of Vedas and performance of Yajnas by such people are not sanctioned in Vedic scriptures. These are not required as they have already related directly to KrshNa and through his divine grace, they can attain his supreme abode

SrI NammazhvAr has clearly mentioned in his TiruvAimozhi that he himself is the humble servant of one who is the dAsa of KrshNa, even though such a person is born in any jAti outside the ambit of CaturvarNam.

kulam tAngu sAdigaL nAlilum keezh izhindu,
ettanai nalamtAnilAda saNdAla saNdALargaLAgilum,
valam tAngu sakkarataNNal maNivaNNarkkALenRu uL
kalandAr, adiyAr, tam adiyAr, em adigaLE
--- TiruvAimozhi

 जय जय श्रीराधे