Thursday, August 15, 2013


There are many conflicting views floating around as regards the pursuit of dharma whether it is karma kANda, jnAna mArga or Bhakti yoga.
 There is the problem of plenty in sanAtana dharma. There are too many sacred texts, too many paths , too many rituals, too many philosophies, too many AcAryas, too many interpretations that one gets baffled. But life is short and there are compulsions of contemporary livelihood and the force of Kali.
SAstrajNAnam bahu kleSam
citteh calana kAraNam !
It is very difficult to understand and tread the righteous path in the limited time of our existence.
Only the loving grace of the Supreme should guide us.
KrshNam vande jagatgurum !
जयजय श्रीराधे