Monday, April 9, 2012


If we look at the Veda Mantra for Sukra , there is direct mention about IndrANI and Indra.

About IndrANI

indrANi mA sunArishu supatnI mahamaSravam
na hasyA aparanjana jarasA marate pati:

About Indra

indram vo viSvataspari havAmahe janebhya:
asmAkamastu kevala:

Indra occupies the exalted status among all devas, being their supreme leader. He does not die of old age.
IndrANI, the dharma PatnI of Indra is the greatest of all pativratAs.

Both Indra and IndrANI are propitiated as adhi devatA and Pratyadhi DevatA respectively to invoke the blessings of Sukra.