Sunday, November 1, 2009


Regarding reciting the Vedas, the following six types of people are considered as "adhamAh"
gItI SIghrI Sirah kampI tathA likhita pAthakah!
anarthajnah alpakantasca shadete pAthakAdhamah!!
Among the six, those who read Vedas from Books are also condemned.

Based on my limited understanding, the modern mode of listening to digitized Vedas by any one at any place at any time based on one's convenience is not explicitly approved in the SAstras.

Regarding the listeners also, one has to maintain respectfully the sanctity and dignity of the Vedas. Otherwise, listening to Vedas casually as ordinary music while travelling or doing some other work or when one is impure would be against the Scriptural norms.The easy availability of Vedas in digital form to every one irrespective of adhikAri niyama would greatly undermine its sanctity.

A vipra can listen to Vedas keeping the above aspects in view.

No doubt kali yuga dharma is fast devouring all of us and we cannot escape from this fact. Only thing is that we should try to follow whatever little is possible in the circumstances.

By efflux of time though everything becomes acceptable to ordinary people like us, we should not be a party to recommend wholesome changes in the SAstras to suit modern thinking and consumerist living.