Thursday, January 8, 2009


The Vedas inspire one to follow the path of total transparency, truthfulness and righteousness, which constitute the substratum of proper Corporate Governance.

Vedic Quotes

Speak the truth
Satyam Vada!
Follow the path of righteousness
Dharmam Cara!

Do not swerve from truth

Satyanna pramaditavyam!

Do not swerve from the path of righteousness
Dharmanna Pramaditavyam!

The Earth is sustained by truth

Satyenottabhita Bhumih!

The mind, speech and action shall be aligned

Tasmat yatpurusho manasabhi gacchati !
Tad vaca vadati !
Tad karmana karoti !

Therefore truthfulness is considered Supreme.

Tasmat Satyam Paramam Vadanti !

Therefore righteousness is considered Supreme.

Tasmat Dharmam Paramam Vadanti !

Truth alone triumphs

Satyameva Jayate !

All are established in truth.
Satye Sarvam Pratisthitam !

I speak the truth

Satyam vadishyami !